Warzone 2100 v4.0.0 released

With over 1000 commits since the last release, it’s time for Warzone 2100 v4.0.0!

4.0.0 General Highlights:

  • New graphics backend support:
  • New "Factions" for multiplayer / skirmish
  • Higher-res terrain textures, backdrops
  • New Music Manager, + Lupus-Mechanicus's new soundtrack album
  • Support for "script-generated" / "random" maps (and two new built-in maps that take advantage of this: 6p-Entropy and 10p-Waterloop)
  • Scrollable room chat, and many other UI / widget improvements
  • Updated / smarter AI bots (Bonecrusher, Cobra)
  • New "headless" mode (for --autogame, --autohost, --skirmish)
  • JS API enhancements, + a new "Script Debugger"
  • Removal of Qt as a dependency, + a new embedded JS engine: QuickJS
  • New Blender 2.9x ".pie" addon
  • Quality-of-Life / smoothness improvements
  • Hundreds of bug fixes

With this release, we also now offer native builds for additional platforms:

  • New: Windows 64-bit builds (for both Intel 64-bit / x64, and ARM64)
  • New: macOS Universal Binaries with native Apple Silicon support (in addition to Intel 64-bit support)


warzone2100-windows-stable-x64.zip 1 GB
Version 4.0.0 Apr 04, 2021
warzone2100-windows-stable-x86.zip 1 GB
Version 4.0.0 Apr 04, 2021
warzone2100-macos-stable-x64.zip 876 MB
Version 4.0.0 Apr 04, 2021

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